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We are dedicated to bringing together organisations that are working tirelessly in the realm of Youth Development.


YD Co-Lab is more than just an organisation; itʼs a dynamic collective of passionate youth development enthusiasts, ecosystem actors, organisations, and individuals. Together, we form a powerful force dedicated to advancing the cause of youth development and empowerment in South Africa.

Our vision is to foster a thriving community of organisations committed to championing the youth development agenda in South Africa.

Featured Updates

Pitch & Match: JHB ’24

Pitch & Match: JHB ’24 Welcome to Pitch & Match – a platform where vision and collaboration meet, and connections thrive! Pitch & Match is not just an event but
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Breaking Barriers | Harambee’s Quarterly Report | February 2024

Breaking Barriers | Harambee’s Quarterly Report | February 2024 In January 2024, South Africa achieved the highest ever matric pass rate of 82.9% and in April, we will commemorate 30
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Youth Development Re-imagined

Youth Development Re-imagined Lucha Lunako is at the forefront of revolutionising youth development, envisioning a future where young individuals leverage their agency and skills to access sustainable opportunities and build
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