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Board Development: A Toolkit for Mission Success

Board Development: A Toolkit for Mission Success

Developing an active, thriving and sustainable board of directors is a key challenge for most nonprofits, as organisations that must find the right balance of skill, knowledge, awareness, commitment and advocacy in the makeup of their boards. This tool kit is designed to help organisations build robust boards and think critically about function and structure. Descriptive text, workbook components and tools are combined to increase the practicality and usability of this resource.

This toolkit is divided into three parts:

  • Nonprofit Board Fundamentals
  • Board Phases & Recruitment
  • Ensuring Board Success

Uses for this Toolkit:

  • Understand the purpose, structure, function, and responsibilities of nonprofit boards
  • Review the phases of board development, as well as recruitment strategies 
  • Provide strategies to support board development, train board members, and problem-solve to achieve success 
  • Deepen learning through vetted ‘selected resources’