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Ecosystem Networking Event

Ecosystem Networking Event

Why attend?



Keynote presentations by key stakeholders that explore the optimal capital stack for innovations at an early stage in Africa.

Interactive learning

Learn from peers in the industry about the advantages, models and structures of Entrepreneur Support Organizations

Townhall discussion

How entrepreneurship development can be leveraged to 10x early stage investing in Africa. An open session where an expert panel and delegates engage.


Funder Spotlight

Investors and non-traditional providers of early-stage capital will share their opportunities with attending ESOs and actively invite them to connect and collaborate.


  • Knowledge Sharing: The ESO as an early-stage investor: The structuring, benefits, and models that ESOs can adopt to position themselves as the first cash investor in African ventures. 
  • Case Panel: Learning from ESOs that thrive as early-stage investors.
  • Engage with a diverse network of investors, incubators, and accelerators spanning Africa and beyond.
  • Foster strategic alliances, exchange valuable insights and uncover fresh opportunities.