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Empowering South African Youth: SA Youth Network

Empowering South African Youth: SA Youth Network

Youth unemployment in South Africa has reached critical levels, especially among those aged 18 to 24. The aftermath of the pandemic has disproportionately affected young people and women, leaving many struggling to secure employment.

We want to bring attention to the SA Youth Network, a crucial initiative in addressing this crisis. Supported by various organisations, including YD Co-Lab, this network forms an integral part of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention. Its primary goal is to create an ecosystem of support for young South Africans, ensuring access to information and assistance regardless of their circumstances.

Through SA Youth, young individuals can register for free on or at centres nationwide. Upon registration, they gain access to diverse learning and earning opportunities consolidated from multiple partners on a single platform. The network provides extensive support through various channels, aiding youth in their employment journey.

In addition to our support for the SA Youth Network, various targeted actions are being championed to tackle youth unemployment. These efforts include a demand-led skills development model, a Presidential Youth Service offering income-generating opportunities, and increased support for youth-owned enterprises.

Our aim in highlighting the SA Youth Network is to inform organisations and individuals about this vital initiative. We urge everyone to join in supporting this program, recognising its potential to create a positive impact on the lives of young South Africans. Together, let’s empower our youth and work towards combating youth unemployment effectively.