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Good Governance & Foundations

Good Governance & Foundations

There are countless reasons why it makes sense for a foundation to pursue good governance, and these are likely to convince any board of its importance. 

Good governance is not only about doing the right thing, which makes much sense, particularly in a sector that seeks to effect positive change in the world. It is also about doing the right thing for the foundation itself – making it stronger, more resilient and better positioned to effectively deliver the change it has been set up to pursue.

Implementing good governance practices can seem overwhelming, particularly to the board of a smaller foundation, but there is no set formula that applies to all foundations, and rather it is about proactively considering and deciding on what will comprise meaningful implementation for your foundation. 

All the policies and processes in the world can be put into place but that alone does not guarantee good governance. Pursuing good governance is a constant practice, that to be truly effective, should filter down into every action and decision taken by your board, and the foundation as a whole, in a manner that is appropriate for your foundation.

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