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Grant Craft Toolkit

Grant Craft Toolkit

This toolkit is organised into two main sections: the context in which grant-making and grant management takes place; and grant-making and grant management practices. The toolkit includes resources for further reading.

This is the first version of a document that will remain a “work-in progress” product, in the sense that IPASA will be adding to the document on an ongoing basis, as we learn from the practices of our members, and developments in the philanthropy sector in general.

The format of the toolkit is as follows:

  • Each chapter in the toolkit and each subsection starts with an introductory paragraph that frames the section: why this topic is important, what the current debates and trends are regarding the topic, and what the key challenges are.
  • Each section also includes a list of information resources on the topic, categorised in terms of:
    1. RESOURCES: General resources, including articles, blog posts, podcasts, webinar recordings, reports, templates, and toolkits.
    2. IPASA RESOURCES: Some sections also include newsletter articles, stories or case studies developed by IPASA members.
    3. IPASA MEMBER-ONLY RESOURCES: Where relevant, summaries are provided of take-aways of IPASA’s grant craft workshops on specific topics, and links to workshop summaries and presentations are included. Links to IPASA member-only workshop summaries and presentations are accessible for IPASA members only.
  • The last section in the document provides a list of books on philanthropy and other philanthropy toolkits.

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