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How to maximise donor retention and raise more for your organisation

Original Broadcast Date: April 27, 2023.

Summary: Nonprofits and charities know they need to invest their time into what will be the best return on their efforts. But how do fundraisers know where to invest and what strategies will help them raise more for their causes?

In this webinar by Social Impact Solutions and Trellis Social Enterprise, you’ll learn two strategies that will allow you to maximize donor retention and raise more. 

  1. With Social Impact Solutions, you’ll learn how to leverage storytelling to advance your cause. Learning how to craft stories that inspire your most valuable donors will without a doubt pay off for your organization. Every nonprofit should nurture and call their donors to action and in this section, we’ll walk you through how you can tackle this. Finally, you’ll be let on to the secret ingredient to lasting donor relationships.
  2. Trellis Social Enterprise will dive into donation-augmented fundraising and how they are seeing charities raise more through this method. In addition, they will dive into quick ideas charities can implement to donation augment their fundraising and ultimately raise 20% more. Lastly, they’ll discuss adding technology to your fundraising and everything you need to succeed with this.

Organizations will be walking away with actionable and data-driven tactics that will allow them to raise more for their organizations, just in time for a successful fundraising season.  Get ready to launch yourself into your organization’s hall of fame!

Resources from webinar

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About the presenters

John Mark Vanderpool
John Mark, Co-founder, Chief of Business Solutions at Social Impact Solutions, works diligently to ensure nonprofits and businesses have the marketing, communication, and impact tools they need to reach their full potential. In his role, he works to develop strategies that organizations can deploy so they can achieve success in their marketing, funding, and impact efforts. 

He has been a StoryBrand certified guide for over 5 years and has the knowledge to help organizations transform their marketing strategies. In collaborative work with the Social Impact Solutions team, John Mark helps you and your organization solve your data and marketing problems so you can start turning insights into meaningful action.

Rebecca Alfred
Rebecca, Charity Relationships Lead at, is part of the team supporting charitable organizations, hospital foundations, non-profits, and other organizations to find new online approaches to raising funds for the causes they care about. Coming from a diverse background including tech companies, marketing agencies, and accounting firms, she’s now settled in the social sector. 

Since starting at Trellis, Rebecca has supported hundreds of organizations as they run fundraisers with specialized expertise in signature fundraising events, and donor experience for virtual and hybrid fundraisers. Beyond working at Trellis, Rebecca has also worked in research for non-profit sustainability and developed social programs to meet complex challenges.