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Youth Development Ecosystem Report: KwaZulu-Natal Province Summary

The Youth Development Collaboration Lab (YD Co-lab) initiated the Youth Development Ecosystem Mapping project as one of the key strategic activities that emerged from extensive consultations within and outside YD Co-lab.

The mapping aims to foster greater transparency among youth development stakeholders and ultimately enhance collective impact.

This initial overview of the youth development ecosystem will begin to change the YDO dynamics by offering a birds-eye view at this time. This will enable Youth Development Organisations to build programmes and services that target a particular focal area that is not already oversaturated and to capitalise on opportunities to work with other YDOs.

Organisation NameService/Activity Categories
Amatimatolo ClinicSocial and support
Ebusingatha ClinicSocial and support
Hlathi Dam ClinicSocial and support
Montebello HospitalSocial and support
Mvutshini Clinic Social and support
Trenance Park LibraryEducation and Training
Umzinto Mobile 2 ClinicSocial and support
12BA Skills TrainingAll three
Adams Mission Community SOS CentreSocial and support
Adelice Youth Friendly services  Social and support
Adolescent And Youth GroupSocial and support
Adolences Youth Friendly ServiceSocial and support
Adolescence Youth and Friendly ServiceAll three
Adolescent Youth Friendly Social and support
Adolescent and Youth GroupAll three
AE Haviland ClinicAll three
Africa Sinomusa FoundationAll three
Africa UniteAll three
Agra Crescent LibraryEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and Training
Aids Action Team- Kwamashu PolyclinicSocial and Support
Aids foundation and gays and lesbians Education and Training
Bajabulile Non-Profit organisationSocial and support
Amandlalathi ClinicSocial and support
Amantimatolo ClinicSocial and support
Amanzimtoti ClinicSocial and support
Appelsbosch Gateway ClinicEducation and Training
Appelsbosch Mobile 1 ClinicSocial and support
Aquadene LibraryEducation and Training
AYSSEducation and Training; Social and support
Baby hope house Social and support
Bajabulile Non Profit organisationSocial and support
Baphumile Clinic Social and support
Bawinile FoundationSocial and support
Be the strong womenSocial and support
Behind the BlazerEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and Training
Benedictine HospitalSocial and support
Bergville ClinicSocial and support
Bergville LibraryEducation and Training
Bergville Mobile 1 ClinicEducation and training, Social and Support
Bergville Municipal ClinicEducation and training, Social and Support
Bessie Head LibraryEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Bhambayi ProjectSocial and support
Bhobhoyi Clinic Social and support
Bhomela ClinicSocial and support
Black SashEducation and training, Social and Support
Braemar ClinicSocial and support
Breakthru CoordinatorEducation and training
Bruntville Community Health CentreEducation and Training
Buyani Youth and Community DevelopmentAll three
Caluza ClinicSocial and support
Camperdown LibraryBruntville community health centre
Catherine Booth Mobile ClinicSocial and Support
Centre of Community DevelopmentAll three
Charles Johnson Memorial CDC ClinicSocial and support
Child cross clinicSocial and support
child welfare port  shepstone Education and Training
Christ the King HospitalSocial and support
Cinci ClinicSocial and support
Citrusdale e-centreAll three
Clairwood HospitalSocial and support
Clairwood Mobile Clinic and Health PostSocial and support
Colours of hope Social and support
Connor Street Youth Clinic ProgrammeAll three
Coweb centreSocial and support
Cross RoadsEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Cwaka ClinicSocial and support
Darnall clinicSocial and support
DeafSAEducation and training, Social and support
Department of sport and arts amd culture Education and Training
Didiza youth organisationEducation and Training
Dinintuli ClinicSocial and support
Dokodweni ClinicSocial and support
Dorothy Broster Childrens HomeSocial and support
Douglas ClinicSocial and support
Driefontein ClinicSocial and support
DuduzaSocial and support
Dundee LibraryEducation and Training
Durban Child and Youth Care Centre – Children’s Home, Rehabilitation Centre and Community OutreachSocial and support
Durnacol clinicSocial and support
Dynamite Youth RSAEducation and training, Social and support
East Boom Community Health CentreSocial and support
Eastboom Community Health CentreSocial and support
Eastwood librarySocial and support
eKasiLabs: Ga-RankuwaAll three
Ekombe Gateway ClinicSocial and support
Ekuphileni L ClinicSocial and support
Ekuphumleni ClinicSocial and support
Emazizini ClinicSocial and support
Emfundweni ClinicSocial and support
Emphathe ClinicEducation and Training
Enkumane ClinicSocial and support
Esayidi TVET CollegeEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Eshane clinicSocial and support
Eshowe youth programmersSocial and support
Esibhudeni ClinicSocial and support
Ethelbert Child And Youth Care Centre Employment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
EthembeniAll three
eThembeni ClinicSocial and support
Ethembeni Crisis Care CentreSocial and support
ethembeni crisis care centreAll three
Ewangu ClinicSocial and support
Ezakheleni  Plubic LibraryEducation and Training
eZakheni ClinicEducation and training, Social and support
Ezimfabeni clinicSocial and support
Ezimwini ClinicSocial and support
Ezwenelisha ClinicSocial and support
Felani clinicSocial and support
Folweni ClinicSocial and support
Friesgewaacht Clinic Youth ProgrammeAll three
From the Roots South AfricaAll three
Gamalakhe Community Health CentreSocial and support
Gamalakhe Youth OrganizationsAll three
Gateway clinicEducation and Training
Get To Know WomenSocial and support
Get2NaturalEducation and Training
Gift Of The Givers FoundationSocial and support
GJ Crookes Gateway ClinicSocial and support
Glenridge ClinicSocial and support
Goodwins ClinicSocial and support
Gowanlea ClinicEducation and Training; Social and support
Gqayinyaga ClinicSocial and support
Greenock ClinicSocial and support
Greytown District Child & Family Welfare Second DistrictSocial and support
Greytown LibrarySocial and support
Gunjana ClinicSocial and support
Gunjaneni clinicSocial and support
Gwaliweni ClinicEducation and Training
Halambu ClinicAll three
Happy Hour Zip Zone Youth ProgramAll three
Harry gwala regional hospitalAll three
Hartland ClinicSocial and support
Health educationSocial and support
Hlabisa LibraryAll three
Hlokozi ClinicSocial and support
Hopewell LibraryEducation and Training
Howick Disability GroupSocial and support
I careAll three
I care street children Education and training, Social and support
I2baEducation and Training
Organisation NameService/ Activity categories
Ibantu Bonke FoundationAll three
Ibisi ClinicSocial and support
Ikhwezi Welfare OrganizationAll three
Ikusasa ClinicAll three
Iliswidi convegency developmentAll three
Impactor OrganizationAll three
Imvula Youth DevelopmentAll three
Imvula Youth DevelopmentSocial and support
Inanda C Community Health Care CentreEducation and Training
Inhlansi organisationSocial and support
Inhlantsi OrganisationSocial and support
Injabulo clinicSocial and support
Injisuthi ClinicSocial and support
Inkanyezi Yethemba Youth EmpowermentAll three
Isigozololo youth centreAll three
Isithundu ClinicSocial and support
Ithemba LethuSocial and support
Itshelejuba Gateway ClinicSocial and support
Ixopo clinic Education and Training
Ixopo Mobile 1 ClinicSocial and support
Jozini Thosong Services CentreAll three
Just Tech OrganisationEducation and Training
Kahemulana clinicSocial and support
Khan Road ClinicEducation and Training
KhayelihleSocial and support
Khula Youth Empowerment OrganisationsSocial and support
Khumbula ClinicSocial and support
KinderstrandSocial and support
KIngsburg ClinicSocial and support
Kloof libraryEducation and Training
Kokstad Library Education and Training
Kokstard human science foundationSocial and support
Kranskop ClinicEducation and training, Social and support
Kwadukuza Child WelfareSocial and support
Kwajali ClinicSocial and support
KwaMame ClinicSocial and support
KwaMashumi ClinicSocial and support
Kwambonambi LibrarySocial and support
Kwambunde clinicAll three
KwaMhlanga District HospitalSocial and support
KwaMteyi clinicSocial and support
Kwangwanase Mobile B ClinicEducation and Training
KwaNyezi ClinicSocial and support
Kwanyusa ClinicSocial and support
KwaYanguye ClinicSocial and support
Ladysmith HospitalSocial and support
Lamehill clinicSocial and support
Lawley Extension 1 ClinicSocial and support
Lelithemba ClinicSocial and support
Library week /literacy dayEducation and Training
LithembalethuEducation and Training
LIV VillageEducation and Training
Lomo ClinicAll three
love lifeEducation and Training; Social and support
Ludimala ClinicAll three
Mabheleni ClinicSocial and support
Mabhuqweni ClinicEducation and Training
Madadeni Clinic 5Social and support
Madiba ClinicSocial and support
Madlala ClinicSocial and support
Mafakathini ClinicSocial and support
Magadla organizationSocial and support
Magagadolo ClinicSocial and support
Makhathini ClinicSocial and support
Makhosini clinic Education and Training
Malangeni Library All three
Mandaba ClinicEducation and Training
Mangeni ClinicSocial and support
Manguzi HospitalSocial and support
Manyane clinicSocial and support
Manyiseni ClinicSocial and support
Maphepheteni ClinicEducation and Training; Social and support
Maphophoma clinicSocial and support
Maphumulo ClinicSocial and support
Maqumbi ClinicSocial and support
Marburg libraryEducation and training, Social and support
Margate ClinicSocial and support
Mariannhill ClinicSocial and support
Mayizekane clinicSocial and support
Mazabeko ClinicSocial and support
Mbadleni clinicSocial and support
Mbotho ClinicEducation and Training
Mboza clinicSocial and support
Mbuthisweni ClinicEducation and Training
Melokuhle Community CentreAll three
Mfume ClinicEducation and Training
Mgungundlovu Economic Development AgencySocial and support
Mhlanga ClinicSocial and support
Mnqobokazi ClinicAll three
Mosungu ClinicSocial and support
Mpofana ClinicSocial and support
Mpophomeni LibraryEducation and Training
Mseleni HospitalEducation and Training; Social and support
Mseleni Mobile ClinicSocial and support
Msunduzi HospiseSocial and support
Mthandeni ClinicAll three
Mthashana FET CollegeEducation and Training
Mthimude ClinicSocial and support
Mthungweni clinicSocial and support
Mtuba ClinicAll three
Murchison HospitalEducation and Training
Mvelabusha ClinicSocial and support
Mvoti ClinicSocial and support
Mvutshini ClinicEducation and Training
Ncemaneni ClinicEducation and training, Social and support
Ndelu ClinicSocial and support
Ndumo clinicSocial and support
Ndundulu ClinicAll three
Ndwebu ClinicEducation and training, Social and support
Ndwedwe Community Health CentreAll three
Ndwedwe mobile 1 clinic Social and support
Ndwedwe Mobile 2 ClinicSocial and support
New Genaretion Youth Development GroupSocial and support
Newcastle Provincial HospitalSocial and support
Ngcinalishole clinicSocial and support
Ngubeni ClinicSocial and support
Ngubevu ClinicSocial and support
Nhlalwane ClinicEducation and training, Social and support
Niemeyer HospitalEducation and training, Social and support
Niemeyer Mobile 1 ClinicSocial and support
Niemeyer Mobile 2 ClinicSocial and support
Nkonjene  HospitalSocial and support
Nkonjeni getaway clinicSocial and support
Nocomboshe ClinicSocial and support
Nomdiya ClinicEducation and Training
Nondweni ClinicSocial and support
Northdale LibraryEducation and training, Social and support
Nseleni Community Health ClinicSocial and support
Ntabeni ClinicSocial and support
Ntembisweni ClinicSocial and support
Nthuse FoundationEducation and Training
Ntimbankulu ClinicSocial and support
Ntshongweni ClinicSocial and support
Ntumeni ClinicSocial and support
Nxede clinicSocial and support
NYDAAll three
NYDA Service Branch in NewcastleAll three
Nzingazi LibraryEducation and training, Social and support
Ohllofus NPCEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Organisation nameService/Activity categories
Ohwebede ClinicAll three
Oliviershoek ClinicSocial and support
ONS Huldge Social and support
Ophansi Cezwana ClinicEducation and Training
Osizweni 1 clinicSocial and support
Osizweni 3 ClinicSocial and support
Osungulweni ClinicEducation and Training; Social and support
Otimati ClinicAll three
PaulPietersburgSocial and support
Peaceville clinicEducation and Training
Pennington ClinicSocial and support
Phaphamani ClinicSocial and support
Phatheni ClinicEducation and Training
phonex youth foundationAll three
Phungashe ClinicSocial and support
Pietermaritzburg Mental HealthAll three
Pomeroy Community Care CentreSocial and support
Port Shepstone Primary Health Care MobileEmployment and Entrepreneurship, Social and support
Port Shepstone Primary Health Care Mobile 5 ClinicSocial and support
Port Shepstone Primary Health Care Mobile 8 ClincSocial and support
Port Shestone ClinicSocial and support
Prince Mshiyeni Memorial HospitalSocial and support
Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital – HIV and AIDS ClinicEducation and Training
Princess Mhlosheni ClinicSocial and support
Project EmpowerEducation and training
Richards Bay ClinicSocial and support
Richmond Community Health CentreSocial and support
Richmond municipality Education and Training
Rise Africa Care Foundation NPCAll three
River Life Church Address Education and training, Social and support
Riverside ClinicSocial and support
Rorkes Drift ClinicSocial and support
Sahlumbe ClinicEducation and training, Social and support
Sakhelwe ClinicSocial and support
Sakhimpilo ClinicSocial and support
Sakhisizwe Community ProjectAll three
Same Love TotiSocial and support
Sandanezwe clinicSocial and support
Savannha ClinicSocial and support
Scottburgh ClinicEducation and Training
Scottburgh LibraryEducation and Training
Scottsville clinicAll three
Senzakahle youth development organisationAll three
Sezela LibraryEducation and Training
Shakaskraal ClinicEducation and Training
Shallcross LibraryEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training; Social and support
Shayamoya LibrarySocial and support
Shemula ClinicSocial and support
Shine Bright OrganizationAll three
Shintsha Health InitiativeEducation and Training, social and support
Sigweje ClinicEducation and Training
Sihleza ClinicSocial and support
Sikumani clinic Education and Training, social and support
Siloah Lutheran TB HospitalSocial and support
SinaniEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Sinathing ClinicSocial and support
Sinosizo SiyaphambiliSocial and support
Siqobile Community – Based OrganisationSocial and support
Sivananda ClinicSocial and support
Siyabusa ECD and Community Development Centre Education and Training; Social and support
SiyanqobaEducation and Training
Snakho Develpoment organisationSocial and support
Somkhele ClinicSocial and support
Sondelani ClinicSocial and support
Songonzima ClinicSocial and support
Sontobe Social and support
Soul city/ Love Life/ Ntunjambili clinicSocial and support
Southport ClinicSocial and support
St Faiths ClinicSocial and support
Stafford clinicSocial and support
Stanger Manor LibraryEducation and Training
Steadville All three
Stonebridge ClinicSocial and support
Sunshine CinemaEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Sweet Us DestinyEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Taylors Halt ClinicEducation and Training
Thafamasi clinicEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Thandanani Children”s FoundationEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training; Social and support
The Career guidanceEducation and Training
The Seed HopeSocial and support
The Vally trust Social and support
Thembumusa ClinicEducation and Training
Thengane ClinicSocial and support
Tholusizo ClinicSocial and support
Thuthuzela Care CentreSocial and support
Time 2 shineSocial and support
Time to shine youth organisationAll three
Tobolsk ClinicSocial and support
TransHopeSocial and support
Tshala Community Development InnitiativeAll three
Tshongwe ClinicEducation and Training
uBhaqaAll three
Ubuhle BemveloSocial and support
Ubuntu BusinessEducation and Training
Ulundi A ClinicSocial and support
Umbimbini clinicEducation and Training
Umhlasini Youth Community Radio ForumSocial and support
Umlazi D clinicSocial and support
Umnini ClinicEducation and Training
Umphumulo Mobile 2 ClinicSocial and support
Umthombo Street ChildrenSocial and support
Umthombo Youth Development FoundationEducation and Training
uMzimkhulu Development ServicesEducation and training, Social and support
uMzimkhulu HospitalEducation and Training
Umzinto LibrarySocial and support
Umzinto Mobile 3 ClinicSocial and support
Umzomuhle H ClinicSocial and support
Underberg LibraryAll three
Uniting Christian Students’ AssociationSocial and support
Uthukela Center AgencyEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Utrecht librarySocial and support
Verulam Child & Family Welfare SocietyAll three
Vryheid HospitalSocial and support
VS Development Education and Training
Vukanawe Foundation CentreEducation and Training
VukukhanyeEmployment and Entrepreneurship, Social and support
Vumanhlamvu ClinicSocial and support
Vusani Isizwe Youth DevelopmentEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Watersmeet ClinicSocial and support
We Help NPOAll three
Welbedacht ClinicSocial and support
Welfare organisation Social and support
Wembezi ClinicSocial and support
Westville ClinicSocial and support
Weza ClinicEducation and Training
Wild trustAll three
Woodlands LibraryEmployment and Entrepreneurship, Social and support
World Assembly of Muslim YouthEducation and training, Social and support
World Assemly OF MUSLIM YOUTHAll three
Xulu clinicSocial and support
YE FoundationEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
YID OrganisationEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
You Only Died Once-You notEducation and Training
YOUTH AMBASODORSocial and support
Youth Elevation ProgrammeEducation and Training, social and support
Youth Elevation ProgrammeEmployment & Entrepreneurship, Education and training
Youth friendlyEducation and Training; Social and support
Youth friendsAll three
Youth in actionSocial and support