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Registering an NPO

Do you want to start and register a non-profit making organisation?

Are you looking to establish a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or seeking resources to strengthen your pre-existing organisation? We’ve curated a list of resources to help you think through the legal, financial and technical questions associated with setting up and governing an NGO in South Africa.

What is a non-profit organisation?

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) do not exist to make a profit from the work of the organisation for the office-bearers or members of the organisation. They exist to serve some public purpose rather than just serving the personal interests of the office-bearers or members of the organisation.

They exist for the benefit of the general public or specific sections of the public. If members receive payment or benefits, it is only in the form of a reasonable salary and benefits in return for the work done as an employee.

About registering a nonprofit organisation

To register a NPO,

To Register a Non Profit Company (NPC)/ Private Company (Pty Ltd) etc.

To register a Public Benefit organisation (PBO)

Documents for NPOs

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