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Understanding the Integrated Youth Development Strategy (IYDS) for Collaborative Youth Empowerment

Understanding the Integrated Youth Development Strategy (IYDS) for Collaborative Youth Empowerment

Understanding the Integrated Youth Development Strategy (IYDS) for Collaborative Youth Empowerment

The Integrated Youth Development Strategy (IYDS) serves as a comprehensive framework aimed at fostering holistic and sustainable youth development in South Africa. At its core, the IYDS envisions a collaborative approach that contributes to the growth and advancement of the nation’s youth.

Vision and Mission:

The IYDS envisions an integrated and sustainable approach to youth development, emphasizing collaboration across sectors. Its mission is to facilitate youth development through partnership and cooperation, aiming to support youth empowerment nationwide.

Core Values:

The IYDS is guided by key values:

  1. Change Agents: Recognizing young people as active agents of their own development rather than passive recipients of services.
  2. Inherent Worth and Dignity: Upholding respect for the worth and dignity of young individuals, nurturing their inherent strengths and potential.
  3. Moral Regeneration: Promoting moral and spiritual growth in alignment with Ubuntu values and an ethic of care.
  4. Social Beings: Acknowledging young people as social beings embedded in various networks crucial for their support and empowerment.
  5. Youth Empowerment: Focusing on interventions that empower youth as assets for national development, fostering their confidence to contribute meaningfully to society.


The IYDS framework aims to:

  • Establish partnership and stakeholder engagement to engage public, private, and civil society sectors in youth development.
  • Advocate for a youth-friendly regulatory environment across government sectors.
  • Initiate programs focusing on job creation, economic security, and empowerment for disadvantaged youth.
  • Coordinate youth-focused programs across various sectors to align resource allocation.
  • Implement a monitoring and evaluation framework for nationwide tracking of youth development programs by diverse organizations.

Strategic Focus Areas:

The IYDS identifies five strategic focus areas:

  1. Education, Skills, and Second Chances: Emphasizing basic education, higher education, skills development, and their connections to economic opportunities.
  2. Economic Transformation and Job Creation: Enabling youth participation in the labor market and fostering entrepreneurship.
  3. Physical and Mental Health Promotion: Addressing health concerns including mortality, HIV prevalence, substance abuse, and primary healthcare issues.
  4. Social Cohesion and Nation Building: Encouraging youth involvement in community activities, sports, leadership, and conflict resolution.
  5. Effective and Responsive Youth Development Machinery: Highlighting institutions crucial in youth development.

The IYDS serves as a guiding framework for organizations involved in youth development, offering strategic insights and alignment opportunities to collaborate effectively. By leveraging this strategy, organizations can align their initiatives with national priorities, fostering a collective effort to empower and uplift South Africa’s youth.