As part of YD Co-Lab’s commitment to building a youth development community, we are mapping the ecosystem.

The Youth Ecosystem Action Group (comprising representatives from Lucha Lunako, Bertha Centre, Capacitate and Harambee: all YD Co-Lab Steerco members) has been developing a detailed Concept Note around the need to map the youth development ecosystem in South Africa. The document itself contextualises the work within the country’s political economy and social environment, drawing attention both to the plight of youth and the difficulties facing youth development work. The youth ecosystem mapping exercise is one of the key strategic activities that has emerged out of extensive consultations within and outside of YD Co-Lab. It purports to foster greater transparency among youth development stakeholders and ultimately enable enhanced collective impact. As a first step in ensuring the youth development ecosystem in South Africa is mapped and represented, so we have designed a short survey to start the process. This YD Co-Lab Ecosystem Mapping Survey will provide a snapshot of organisations currently operating in this arena and the type of programmes and services they offer. The data we are planning to collect through the survey will be arranged in a user-friendly directory on our communication channels, and will inform other community-building activities in the pipeline. The process of unpacking the data is envisioned as highly collaborative, where the survey respondents themselves will be invited to participate in analysing and sense-checking the information via a workshop and other mediums.

Though the snapshot survey is just the first step in mapping the ecosystem, it will assist both in deepening our understanding of youth development in South Africa and helping the community to identify points of interest and intervention.  Please refer to the survey landing page for our primary objectives, definitions and eligibility criteria.