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As part of YD Co-Lab’s commitment to building a youth development community, we are mapping the ecosystem. Our primary objectives are as follows:

  1. Identify which types of organisations are active in youth development in South Africa.
  2. Identify where efforts are concentrated and where there may be gaps.
  3. Begin to build a community of practice around youth development in South Africa.

Definitions and Eligibility Criteria

Please ensure that the person filling out the survey is familiar with all the relevant operating information of your organisation (legal status, programme and services, reach, technology used).

Please complete the survey based on your organisation’s current work (even if that is different to your work outside of Covid-19). Please note that the survey is designed to be answered by one entity so if you have two or more entities, kindly fill out the survey for each of them.

Eligibility Criteria 1: Organisations that offer one or more youth development-based programmes and services. The organisation may offer other programmes and services in addition to its youth-focused ones.

Eligibility Criteria 2: These programmes and services are either targeted at youth, other youth development organisations and/or the youth ecosystem broadly.

Eligibility Criteria 3: The organisation itself does not have to be physically based in South Africa but must have South Africa-based operations.

Definition of Youth: Individuals between the ages of 15 and 34 years old.

Definition of Development: ‘Bringing about social change that allows people to achieve their human potential.’ (Centre for Development, Environment and Policy at SOAS)

Definition of Ecosystem: A complex network or interconnected system.

Thank you for participating in this important effort to map the youth development ecosystem in South Africa. Please ensure you click through all the screens, including the last page which will register you on Mighty Networks, the platform we are using for community building. For any questions about the community, please contact

Privacy Notice

As part of this survey, YD Co-Lab collects the following personal information from survey respondents:

  • Name and surname of respondent
  • Respondent’s email address

This personal information is used by YD Co-Lab staff to follow-up with survey respondents if additional clarification is needed for any responses and will not make this publicly available. Information submitted will be used for research purposes only. YD Co-Lab will not use the information submitted for any other purpose; nor will YD Co-Lab exchange, sell, or share your personal information with other organisations. Organisation-specific information collected will be published on YD Co-Lab’s communication channels; no personally-identifying information (PII) about individual survey respondents will be published. If you have any questions about how your information will be used, please contact

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