Youth Development Co-Lab Registration of Interest Form

The Youth Development Collaboration Lab (YD Co-Lab) is an initiative by various organisations that are part of the Youth Development ecosystem in South Africa to build better collaboration between organisations and individuals working to advance youth development and empowerment. The YD Co-Lab is a network of organisations and individuals interested in youth development with the following goals: — Mapping the youth development ecosystem. — Building a collective voice for youth development organisations and others in the ecosystem. — Advocating for effective practice in youth development Please complete this form if you are interested in learning more about the Youth Development Collaboration Lab (YD Co-Lab) and receiving updates and information about the collaboration work being done by this group. If you have any questions about this meeting or efforts around building collaboration in the youth development sector, please contact: – Adela Ndlovu, – Rufaro Mudimu,
This question is to help shape the structure and content of the meeting and discussions related to this initiative.