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Youth Development Ecosystem Report: FreeState Province Summary

The Youth Development Collaboration Lab (YD Co-lab) initiated the Youth Development Ecosystem Mapping project as one of the key strategic activities that emerged from extensive consultations within and outside YD Co-lab.

The mapping aims to foster greater transparency among youth development stakeholders and ultimately enhance collective impact.

This initial overview of the youth development ecosystem will begin to change the YDO dynamics by offering a birds-eye view at this time. This will enable Youth Development Organisations to build programmes and services that target a particular focal area that is not already oversaturated and to capitalise on opportunities to work with other YDOs.

These individual Province Summaries will have a positive impact on the services and opportunities offered to youth by assisting youth development stakeholders through:

  • Providing a greater understanding of who operates in the ecosystem;
  • Encouraging collaboration amongst youth development providers;
  • Creating an awareness of opportunities in programmes offered to the youth;
  • Identifying programme gaps and 
  • Enabling youth to access services located in proximity to them quickly.